Madison Hills

Madison Hills Apartments is a 446-unit severely blighted class B apartment community in an affluent northern Atlanta neighborhood. When we purchased this apartment property, the community was in turmoil, with significant criminal activity and 180 units boarded-up due to black mold or fire damage. The turmoil spilled over to the community and directly impacted Brumby Elementary, one of only two elementary schools on the federal watch list of failing schools in the county. The local municipality took notice and stigmatized Madison Hills, with a robust campaign to condemn the property. Armed with a $7 million renovation budget, we developed a community based model engaging local businesses, churches, nonprofits and leadership at nearby Brumby Elementary. Programs including a free after-school and summer camp were launched to build community political capital and stabilize the families. The results created a triple bottom line for the ownership including high occupancy, reduced tenant turnover, increased security and a destination-based community of socially engaged tenants. The reduced transiency and educational opportunity offered by the after-school program and summer camps greatly impacted Brumby Elementary and within five years, it was recognized as a Title 1 School of Distinction by the National Title 1 Distinguished Schools Program.

Forest Cove Apartments

Forest Cove is, a 395 unit severely blighted class D apartment community in south east Atlanta. The property is significantly blighted, with drug dealers operating in plain sight. Of the 395-units available, 200 were occupied and 195-units were vacant and boarded up by order of the City of Atlanta Code Department. The property has received over 200 housing violations from the City of Atlanta Code Enforcement and logged over 600 service calls from the Atlanta Police Department. The high criminal activity directly impacted Thomasville Heights Elementary, one of the lowest performing school in Georgia located only one block from Forest Cove. In late 2021, the City of Atlanta issued a condemnation order calling the property a public nuisance and ordering the demolition and swift relocation of the existing 200 tenant. The impact of Forest Cove is significant on the local community. There have been dozens of shootings and murders reported in 2022 and the Atlanta Public School leadership decided to close Thomasville Heights Elementary, despite heroic efforts and significant investment to help improve the educational outcomes of the students and their families. As of this writing, the property is still partially occupied and blighted.